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About Us

Latent Films is a worker's co-operative film production company based in Manchester and Preston, making short films, music videos, and offering other videography services.

It is a collaborative project between three filmmakers:

Con Divers

Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Screenwriter


Harriet Mellor

Director, Editor, Art Director/Production Designer

Nicolé Timmerman

Director, Screenwriter, Camera Operator

Got a project? Get in touch at


Sony A7s i with lenses, RODE shotgun mic, lavaliere mic, LED softboxes & flexi lighting panel, birdies, and an obscene amount of gels.

Con can operate the ARRI Alexa Mini XT, Panasonic Varicam LF, Panasonic EVA1, & Canon C200.



Working together on a short film with Latent Films was fantastic! They were incredibly hands-on in every aspect of the production, and their generosity and enthusiasm for the project made for a wonderful collaboration. I can say with confidence that our final product would have been a lesser one if it wasn’t for their dedicated involvement.

— Josh Craig, director of "Routine"

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